With Forge.Forms you can create dynamic forms in WPF from classes or XML.

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Install-Package Forge.Forms

For material theme, add this to App.xaml

<ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/Forge.Forms;component/Themes/Material.xaml" />

DynamicForm control

If you want to use DynamicForm, import this namespace in XAML:


And use the control:

<forms:DynamicForm Model="{Binding Model}" />

Displaying dialogs

If you only need to show windows and dialogs, use the Show helper:

using Forge.Forms;

await Show.Dialog().For<Login>();
await Show.Window().For(new Alert("Hello world!"));

Note: if you are using Show.Dialog() without specifying a dialog identifier, it expects you to have a DialogHost in your XAML tree.

Getting started

Read our getting started guide.